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Our Senior Does

Last Updated: 3/13/2024

6*M Rarebird Farm Bonnie Bluebell (2x GCH, 4x RCH)

*Superior Genetics possibly Pending*

DNA on File - Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(Polled) (2023 LA - VEEV 87 as a 2y/o 2F) 

Bonnie has impressed us since the day she was born. At a very early age she showed incredible length and width, depth of body, correctness of feet and legs and pheonomenal dairy strength! Bonnie has been proving herself in the show ring every since, having earned her first GCH leg as a junior doe and her second as a yearling milker! Bonnie has excelled in the milk pail and at linear appraisal as well, earning her milk star as a yearling FF and is now possibly SG pending. We are so thrilled to have this doe in our herd! 

350069380_481551807470295_1101903147358499296_n (2)_edited.jpg

1*M Cedar Shade Sugar Maple (Polled)

DNA on File - Individual Typing

(2023 LA - GVEV 86 as a 2y/o 2F)

Maple has continued to impress me more and more as she has matured. She is from our 'slow line' of goats, taking time to come into herself as a kid. Maple performed very well as a yearling milker, and has excelled this year as a two year old, 2F, appraising VG 86 and earning her milk star in all three categories with very consistent production and udder shape throughout her lactation. So thrilled with this hombred doe!


PC: Rarebird Farm

5*M Rarebird Farm Egret (Polled)

*Superior Genetics possibly pending*

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(2021 LA - VVVV 88 as 2/o 2F)

Egret is a powerful long-bodied dairy doe that we were so thrilled to add to our herd from our dear friend Robin Akeret at Rarebird Farm! Egret was brought here in 2023 as a four year old, and we are so excited to see her fourth freshening next year in 2023! Egret is a powerhouse of a producer, having milked a lifetime total of 2,250lbs over 26 months between three freshenings! 

3*M Wings & Caprines RHC Charlotte (1x GCH, 1x BJIS)

DNA on File - Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein B/B

(2023 LA - VGVG 84 as a yearling FF)

Charlotte is such a lovely correct doe that I am so thrilled to have in our herd! Charlotte has shown gorgeous length, correctness of topline and rump on the move, strong front end and excellent depth of body. At 15 weeks old, Charlotte went Grand Champion & Best Junior Doe in Show at the 2022 Bay to Beach ADGA Show! Charlotte has blown me away once again with her FF udder as a yearling milker, showing amazing blending of foreudder, a balanced rear udder, height and width into her escutcheon and awesome teat size! We are so thankful Charlotte gave us a daughter!

1*M Rarebird Farm Tawney

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(2021 LA - VEEE 90 as 2/o 2F)


5*M Rarebird Farm Diamond (Polled)

*Superior Genetics possibly pending*

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(2023 LA - GVEV 84 as 4/o 4F)

Diamond is such a sweet doe and we were so excited when we were given the opportunity to add her to our herd! Diamond and her progeny have received many nice comments on their dairy strength. Diamond is long bodied with lovely udder texture with an udder than almost disappears post-milking. 


Wings & Caprines SweetCaroline (1x RCH)

DNA on File - Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(2023 LA - GVVG 83 as yearling FF)

'Carrie' is a very sweet, stylish and correct doeling I am so thrilled we have in our herd! Carrie comes from a line of very consistent does. Carrie herself is a very correct doe showing a straight topline, strong front end and correctness in feet and legs. Carrie started proving herself early, winning RCH at her first show at just eight weeks old and was the Jr. RCH in a combined show in August. Carrie freshened April with a very promising FF udder. We love what we are seeing in her medial, udder texture and foreudder, and have been so pleased with Carrie's milk production and show ring performance as a yearling FF! 


1*M EOTL B Shady Grace (Polled)

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein: B/B

(2023 LA - VVEV 86 as 5 y/o 4F)

'Gracie' has and always will hold a special place in our hearts being our first Nigerian Dwarf and first ADGA registered goat. Gracie has so far proved to be our most consistent milker, holding her production for nearly her entire lactation with little fluctuation, a very reliable doe with a will to milk!

385016224_859209099200271_4669031068311109319_n (1).jpg

6*M Drovers Croft DM Sanne (1x GCH)

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein: A/A

(2023 LA - VVEA 80 as yearling FF)

Sanne is an extremely correct doe showing beautiful length of body, length of rump, levelness across her topline, correct rear leg angulation, strong front end, beautiful blending from neck to withers, excellent depth of body and more. We have loved watching this girl mature! Sanne earned her first GCH leg at 10 weeks old in May the first time she walked into a ring at the 2022 Maryland Dairy Goat Association Doe Show, and has done well in the show ring as a yearling milker! We are so thrilled Sanne gave us a daughter! 


3*M Rarebird Farm VV Amusement

DNA on File - Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

(2023 LA - AVGG 79 as yearling FF)

Amusement is a very dairy doeling set on correct feet and legs with a beautiful balance of length and width. Because we didn't add her until November, 2022, Amusement didn't make it out to any shows as a kid, but did get a chance to see the show ring as a yearling milker! 'Musey' freshened in April with our first Casa Ram PL D'Artagnan kids, and a keeper girl to boot! Although she is still very fresh and needs time to mature, we love what we are seeing in her medial, teat placement, udder texture and foreudder considering she is still very fresh! 


2*M Rarebird Farm F Mocha

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