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Goat - Sales Policies

Last updated: 1/11/2023

Reservations and General Policies/Practices:

To place a reservation, please view our Kidding Schedule to see all planned pairings. We work hard to ensure our website is up-to-date with accurate information, including photos, milk records, show wings, LA scores and more. All of this information can be viewed on our Senior Doe, Jr. Doe and Herdsire pages under each goat's individual page. Please view each individual page before making a reservation. 

To make a reservation, contact us via email, facebook or instagram. Please provide as much contact information as possible to allow us to better alert you when the kid you reserved has arrived. In the event the kid you reserved is not born or is retained, you have first pick of any kids from other does who are not yet reserved. In addition to this, reservations do carry over to the next year. 



***We do not take any reservations that are based off of Fur/Eye color or chance of Polled***

However, we do take reservations that are based off of the desire of a certain trait (strong front ends, straight topline, etc) or reservations that are based off of kids from a certain doe and/or buck. If you are unsure which doe/buck pair will best suit your interests, feel free to contact us to discuss! We do not take a million pictures, but we are more than happy to share our personal experiences and feeling about a certain doe or buck. 

All kids will be disbudded if they are not polled. If a horned kid is desired, a full non-refundable deposit must be sent via PayPal, Venmo (or in person if you'd like to see the kid first) in advance. This deposit must be received within 4 days after the kid is born!! Please specify when making a reservation if you need a certain kid to be polled or disbudded to avoid breeding polled x polled.

In the past, we have always dam-raised our kids however, as of 2023 we are moving towards bottle feeding, or doing a combination of bottle feeding and dam raising. Bottle kids are only offered to experienced and knowledgeable homes. We prefer to hold onto bottle kids until they are two weeks old to ensure they are well-trained to the bottle and healthy. Buyers are more than welcome to visit the farm first for a lesson in bottle feeding to determine if they are comfortable and prepared enough to do it themselves. We are absolutely willing to help new goat owners learn about bottle feeding and may even sell a kid on the bottle around 10 weeks to them if we feel they are able to feed the kid until 12 weeks.

If you are not comfortable bottle feeding, we are able to hold kids and wean at 12 weeks. A holding fee system is still under construction as of 1/10/23, however will likely be only slightly more than to cover the cost of feed, time, preventative medications, vaccines, etc. 

All kids that stay with us will be given Calf Pro Medicated Liquid Supplement - PBS Animal Health and will receive their CD&T vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks of age. All dams are given a CD&T vaccination 4-6 weeks prior to kidding to give kids passive immunity before they receive their own CD&T vaccinations.

Purchasing/Holding Kids:

Once a kid that we believe may be of interest to you is becomes available, pictures will be sent. We keep two types of lists, reservations and general interest lists. Reservations always get first priority, especially homes that allow the goats to perform via milk test, shows, linear appraisal, etc. Despite this, if you have an actual reservation, you will NOT get skipped over. In addition to the reservation list, we also keep a general interest list for any wanting pets, homestead milkers or wethers and do not have a particular preference of a certain pairing.


Once pictures have been sent, if we do not get any form of response 72 hours later, the next person in line on the reservation list will have an opportunity to purchase the kid. If there are no takers, the kid will move down to the interest list, then will be available publicly through our Facebook, Instagram page, and/or website. 

Once you decide you would like the kid, a 50% deposit is required for us to hold the kid.


We will absolutely hold the kid until it is fully weaned, but once a kid is fully weaned, they must be picked up within two weeks. If a kid is sold on the bottle, they must be picked up within two weeks after we message you stating that we are 100% confident that they are well trained to the bottle. A holding fee system is still under construction for kids that we hold and wean ourselves. When viewing the pricing breakup below, account for the fact that those prices are assuming the kid will be picked up between 2-4 weeks of age.

If a date/time is arranged to pick up a kid and you do not show, a new date/time must be made within 48 hours or the deposit is forfeited and the kid will be available for the next person on the reservation or interest list..

Deposits will only be refunded for the following reasons:

- We decide to retain the kid

- The kid has become ill and/or has passed away 

- A third teat, heart murmur, cryptorchidism or other major defect, deformity or disqualification has been discovered

Out of State Purchases & Herd Disease Testing Status:

All buyers are responsible for Vet Checks/Fees for out of state kids. During the show season however it is likely that we will have already had a vet come out and check the herd (meaning we have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) so another vet check may or may not be necessary. Please keep in touch in order for us to work this out! Our show season is typically from May - September. 

**Our entire herd has always tested negative for CAE, CL, Brucellosis and Johnes**

From 2018 - 201?, tests were done with WADDL (Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory), and since 201?, tests have been run through our own NJAHDL (New Jersey Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory). Our herd health is incredibly important to us and we expect our buyers to feel the same way. If you have any questions about disease testing, please feel free to contact us to discuss!

Our herd is tested annually and we are more than happy to provide proof of negative testing results.

Our herd has attained a Johnes Test Negative Status of Level 2 in accordance with the National Johne's Status Program, based on the fact that our entire herd tested negative for Johnes 12 months after we achieved Level 1 status. Our herd has always been negative for Johnes, but we  only just became participants in the program since we started testing through our NJ state lab. 


Wethers (Fixed Males):

All wethers are $175 each. This includes a wethering service when they reach 12-15 weeks old. 

For buyers that will be wethering them elsewhere, they are $150 each. If you are purchasing multiple kids and need a wether kid as a 'buddy,' we are willing to selling wether kids for $150 including the wethering service, or $125 without. If you purchase a wether kid for $125 and later decide you would rather have us wether him, a $30 fee is charged. We 'fix' males with the banding method.

ADGA Registered Doelings & Bucklings 


Price Breakdown:

Doelings: Minimum $400

Bucklings: Minimum $300

Add $40 if Dam has Jr. Leg

Add $50 per Sr. Leg on Dam

($150 if Dam has finished her championship)

Add $25 if Dam has Milk Star in Butterfat

Add $25 if Dam has Milk Star in Protein

Add $50 if Dam has Milk Star in Production

($100 if Dam has Milk Star in all Three Categories)

Add $25 if Sire is *B

Prices may fluctuate based on quality of the kid born, quality of dam, quality of sire, and based on the results of a dam's or sire's past kids, especially those from repeated breedings of the same dam/sire












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