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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you NPIP certified?

Yes! You can find our farm name on the NPIP breeders list for the state of NJ.

What diseases do you test your goats for?

Our goats are tested annually or bianually for Johnes, CAE, CL, Bruceliosis and Q-Fever. We have always had a clean-tested herd and do not except new goats into our herd unless they tested negative for all of those diseases within 1 - 11/2 years. 

What is your response policy?

If there is no response from you within 48 hours since the time we contacted you, you will be skipped with or without warning. If we have been in contact within 7 days of our contacting you, you will have 72 hours to respond before getting skipped. 

What Goat minerals do you recommend? 


The mineral brand you choose should ultimately depend on what your herd/land/water/soil is deficient in, OR what is has too much of. Too much of certain minerals may decrease the effects of another. (See this article for great information on choosing a goat mineral as well as recognizing signs of mineral deficiencies Goat Minerals 101 – The Giving Goat Natural Goat Care & Blog ( We have had the most succes with Sweetlix Meat Maker Goat 16-8 with RainBloc however this may or may not work for your herd

Have you ever had any respiratory illnesses on your farm?

     Thankfully, we have never had any respiratory illnesses with our birds. However, that does not mean that you shouldn't quarantine them. Although a bird may not be showing any symptoms they could be carrying a disease that they otherwise would affect them however, they become sick due to the stress of moving to a new location. So far we have never had any issues with disease on our farm, and thankfully none of our buyers have from our birds however, it is always best to quarantine just in case! If you feel that one of our birds has made the rest of your flock sick, please contact us to try and work out any issues. We would never knowingly sell a sick bird. If any of our birds exhibit any symptoms of any disease, show any signs of internal or external parasites, or are just acting "off," we will not sell any birds, eggs, chicks, or even ship eggs until at least 2 weeks after all of our birds are healthy. Healthy being defined as red combs/wattles, no sneezing, wheezing, coughing, lethargy, etc. 

How long should I quarantine my new birds? 

The USDA recommends quarantining any new birds or chicks for at least 30 days to be sure they do not show any signs of illness or disease. Always feed/collect eggs from new birds last, and it is highly recommended to wear different clothes/shoes when handling new birds than the clothes you wear around your flock

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When can each breed you raise be sexed? 

These breeds we raise can be sexed at the following ages:


D'Uccles - 5 weeks

Seramas - 5 weeks

Modern Game Bantams - 6 weeks

Polish - 12+ weeks

Sumatras - 12+ weeks

Silkies - 16+ weeks


Blue Andalusian - 8 weeks

Naked Necks - 8 weeks

Golden Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben - 12+ weeks 


Welsh Harlequins - 18+ weeks

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