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Rarebird Farm VV Amusement

Born: 2/21/2022


Freshenings: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Horn Status: Disbudded

D: 2*M Top Hat Farm CF Sand Box Rules| VVVV 87 (05-04) - 85th Percentile 

DD: 1*M Top Hat Farm W What Ever | +V+V 84 (02-00) - 46th Percentile 

DS: +*B Proctor Hill Farm Count Fleet | - 55th Percentile

S: *B Buffalo Clover Val Versace | VEV 88 (01-06)

SD: 2*M SG Buffalo Clover Lady Diana| VEVV 88 (05-01) - 39th Percentile

SS: ++B GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino | EEE 91 (06-02) - 9th Percentile

Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below

ADGA Sanctioned Show History: 

Screenshot 2022-11-15 200616.jpg

Milk Test/DHIA Records

First Lactation: At 235 DIM, Musey has produced 550lbs of Milk, 36lbs of Butterfat & 26lbs of Protein. Musey was off to a great start as a yearling FF, having milked 3.5lbs on her first test! Musey has now earned her 3*M in butterfat and protein! 

Dam's Pedigree/Photos

Dam: 2*M Top Hat Farm CF Sand Box Rules | VVVV 87 (05-04) (85th Prct)

Photo Credit: Top Hat Farm and Rarebird Farm

DS: +*B Proctor Hill Farm Count Fleet

Photo Credit: Top Hat Farm


Sire's Pedigree/Photos

Sire: *B Buffalo Clover Val Versace | VEV 88 (01-06) *DNA*

Alpha s1 Casein B/B

Photo Credit: Rarebird Farm (Robin Akeret)

SD: 2*M SG Buffalo Clover Lady Diana | VEEV 88 (05-01) 

Versace1 (1).jpg

SS: ++B Buffalo Clover Valentino | EEE 91 (06-02) *DNA*


Full Sister to Versace: GCH Buffalo Clover Patches | EEEE 91 (04-01)



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