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Welcome to Cedar Shade Farm

Welcome to Cedar Shade Farm! Thank you for visiting our page!


What we do:

At our farm, we raise purebred, American Dairy Goat Association-registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats as dairy animals, as well as many ornamental, rare and/or heritage (mostly bantam) chicken breeds for egg laying and exhibition


                                             We breed our Nigerian Dwarfs goats for the ultimate goal of improving the                                                   breed by producing consistent, quality animals that can perform well in the                                                 show ring and in the milk pail. We participate in ADGA shows, Dairy Herd                                                     Improvement Registry/Milk Test and Linear Appraisal to better evaluate and                                                 'prove' the animals we have in our herd. In addition to breeding for overall                                                   conformation and milk production, breeding for sweet temperaments,                                                           parasite resistance and longevity to maintain their health well past their                                                         productive years, are major goals of ours as well


As for our chickens, we breed our birds to the American Poultry Assocation

and American Bantam Association standards of perfection, with their health

and longevity in mind. Currently, we raise a variety of different bantam and

large fowl breeds and show our chickens at APA and/or ABA sanctioned

shows on occasion


What we offer:

ADGA-Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids: The majority of our goat kiddings are in January - March. Reservations can be made at any time for kids, but the earlier the better as reservations are first come first serve. We want our kids to go to the best homes possible and are always happy to help new goat owners learn proper management, breeding techniques, getting started with ADGA performance programs and more! The majority of the goats we sell are kids, we rarely have milkers or adult bucks available. All available goats (kids and adults) will be posted to our sale page on our website, and on our Facebook page (click here). Please view our Sales Policies before making a reservation and Kidding Schedule to see which reservations are available. All goats are in-person pickup only, we do not air ship

Stud Service: We do offer driveway breeding to goats with proof of negative CAE, CL, Johnes & Brucellosis testing. All our bucks are ADGA registered, and service memos can be provided to those who wish to register the kids once the kids are on the ground. See our Stud Service page for more info

Goat Milk Soap: Because the sale of raw milk is illegal in the state of NJ, we make

milk products (goat milk soap) from our surplus milk instead!

Soap can be shipped or picked up locally, see our soap page for details! 

Chicks & Sexed Pullets/Cockerels: We do have chicks available

(see our bantam breeds here, and large fowl breeds here) occasionally.

We hatch year-round, but the majority of our chicks are hatched in the spring and fall.

Chicks are sold straight run (unsexed). We occasionally have 5-10 week old sexed pullets and cockerels available, and breeding pairs as well. All available birds will be posted on our Facebook page (click here)

Hatching Eggs: Shipped hatching eggs are typically sold in the spring and fall but are available year-round for local pickup. Please view our Sales Policies page for shipped hatching eggs before making an order. Our NPIP number is #22-433

Health & Disease Testing:

Our entire goat herd last tested negative for Brucellosis, Johne's, CAE, and CL in March of 2023. We last tested for Q-Fever in Summer of 2021 and the entire herd was negative. Our herd has always tested negative for these diseases since we started testing in 2019. We test for Brucellosis, Johnes, CAE and CL annually. We no longer test for Q-Fever as often because our state lab does not offer that test.


Our chickens and ducks are tested every six months for Pullorum Typhoid & Avian Influenza. Our birds have always tested negative for both diseases. Our NPIP number is #22-433.

Thank you for visiting our page! 😊

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Last Updated: 4/21/2023
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