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Bucks & Herdsires

Last Updated: 10/19/2023

*B Wings & Caprines GunMetal Grey

DNA on File - Dam & Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein B/B

2022 LA Score - +VE 85 (01-04)

'Gunner' is a lovely buck that we are so glad to have in our herd! We love his dairy strength, overall blending throughout, both front and rear leg set and front end assembly! He comes from a line of does with very consistent mammary systems, proving themselves with milk test, show wins and linear appraisal scores. We retained one Gunner son in 2022, and three Gunner daughters in 2023 to use in our herd. We were so ecstatic when one of his daughters, Cedar Shade GS Wild Violet earned her first GCH leg in September. Our first homebred to earn champion leg! We are so excited to see his daughters' udders in 2024! 


Casa Ram PL D'Artagnan

DNA on File - Individual Typing | Alpha s1 Casein A/B
2023 LA - GVG 82 (01-06)

We can't thank Casa Ram Farm enough for the opportunity to purchase this lovely guy! 'Dart' is a lovely buck with very consistently correct mammary systems behind him, with high, wide escutcheons, correct teat size and placement with loads of capacity and longevity. Dart (and his ancestors) also excel in correctness in feet and legs, front end assembly, topline, rump and more! We were so pleased with the three daughters he gave us (all retained) in 2023, and are anxious to see their FF udders in 2024!


Wings & Caprines Shade of Blue

DNA on File - Dam & Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

2023 LA Score - GVV 82 (02-04)

We are so thrilled to have Blue in our herd, Blue has made many improvements over our does in the 2022 kidding season, tighter elbows, more dairy strength, better front ends, correct rear leg angulation, stronger pasterns and front leg placement to name a few. Blue was a bit stingy but ultimately did give us three girls, two of which will be residing here. We are very excited to have our first Blue daughters freshen in 2024!


*B Cedar Shade GB Winchester

DNA on File - Dam & Sire Verified | Alpha s1 Casein B/B

2023 LA - GEG 83 (01-03)

'Chet' is such a fancy buck we are so glad we kept from our 6*M Rarebird Farm Bonnie Bluebell and *B Wings & Caprines GunMetal Grey! Chet went out to one show as a yearling buck, taking 1st twice and 2nd once in a large class. We were so thrilled when Chet appraised GEG 83 as a young yearling (in rut) at our LA session in 2023. We are super excited to see our first Chet kids in 2024!


Wings & Caprines Wander-N-Star

(Wings & Caprines TTL Superstar x India Blue 22k's Gold-N-Boy)

We are so thankful for our friends at Wingin' It Farms for letting us bring this guy home! Although we didn't have intentions of adding a buck in 2023, Wander was way too good of an opportunity to pass up! With a pedigree of excellent LA scores, Superior Genetics, high milk production and specifically, strong shoulders around and behind him, we are so excited to see the improvements he can make in our herd! Despite being a June kid, we are hopeful we can use him in our 2023 breeding season for 2024 kids! 

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