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Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below:

Although she is just a week old, Caroline is already showing correctness in feet and legs and amazing levelness across her topline! Also showing nice extension of brisket and beautiful front-end assembly, lovely doe for sure!

Caroline's dam is Wings & Caprines WillowSprings, daughter of 2*M SGCH Wings & Caprines Carolina Girl! Both Willow and her dam made the cut in the 2021 ADGA Nationals Dam & Daughter class. Willow has earned her Jr. Leg, and as a 3 y/o in 2021 appraised VEEE 90! Willow's sire is Wings & Caprines IL Seth, full sibling to Wings & Caprines IL Lemon Drop who also appraised VEEE 90 as a 3 y/o.

Caroline's sire is *B CUATLILREDBARN Sir Charms. Charms has sired many beautiful offspring including my favorite buck on the farm, *B Wings & Caprines GunMetal Grey. Charms' dam is 2*M GCH Jaspers Harem JB Coco Puff, who placed 1st in her class at the 2018 ADGA Nationals and was a part of the 2018 1st Place Dairy Herd. Coco Puff appraised VVEE 90 as a 5 y/o, and appraised VEEE 90 as a 6 y/o, only to appraise VEEE 90 AGAIN at 9 years old! Charms' sire's dam (Caroline's SSD) is 4*M SGCH CUATLILREDBARN Gwen Quinn, 2017 ADGA Reserve National Champion, who appraised VEEE 91 as a 4 y/o.

Again, the consistency behind these lines is incredible, and we are so so thankful for the opportunity to add them to our herd! Currently Caroline is mastering her ninja skills at climbing the stairs and discovering how she can use her cuteness to get whatever she wants. So anxious to see how this doe matures!

ADGA Sanctioned Show History: 

Maryland Dairy Goat Assn. Ring 1 - 1st/2

(Judge Kris Frayley) 5/28/2022

Maryland Dairy Goat Assn. Ring 2 - 1st/2

(Judge Danielle Carolei) 5/28/2022

Maryland Dairy Goat Assn. Ring 3 - 1st/2 & RCH! (46 Jr. Does were present in this ring, 33 of which were dry yearlings!)

(Judge Grace Toy) 5/28/2022

Bay to Beach ADGA Show Ring 1 - 3rd/17

(Judge Bob Bartholomew) 6/11/2022

Bay to Beach ADGA Show Ring 2 - 4th/17

(Judge Danielle Carolei) 6/11/2022

Howard County Open Dairy Goat Show (0 - 4 1/2 Month) - 2nd/12

(Judge Jane Bailey) 8/4/2022

The Great Frederick Fair - 1st/10

(Judge Jean Lucas) 9/24/2022

Milk Test/DHIA Records

First Lactation: At 267 DIM, Carrie has produced 428lbs of Milk, 27lbs of Butterfat & 19lbs of Protein. Carrie earned her 4*M in protein for this lactation!

Wings & Caprines SweetCaroline

Born: 4/4/2022



Horn Status: Disbudded

D: 3*M Wings & Caprines WillowSprings| VEEE 90 (3 y/o)

DD: 2*M SGCH Wings & Caprines CarolinaGirl | EEEE 92 (5 y/o)

DDD: 1*M SG JNR Homestead Ruth | VEEV 89 (6 y/o)

DDS: Peaceful Thoughts Lil' Joe


DS: Wings & Caprines IL Seth

       -Full sibling to Wings & Caprines IL Lemon Drop | VEEE 90 (3 y/o)

DSD: Peaceful Thoughts Lucy |VVV+ 86 (5 y/o)

DSS: +B One Fine Acre FR Isaac |VEE 90 (5 y/o)

Sire: *B CUATLILREDBARN Sir Charms | +VV 85 (2 y/o)

SD: GCH 2*M Jasper's Harem JB Coco Puff | VEEE 90 (9 y/o)

      - 1st place 7 y/o @ 2018 ADGA Nationals | Part of 2018 1st place Dairy Herd

SDD: 1*M Old Mountain Farm Sea Breeze | VEEV 88 (8 y/o)

SDS: +B Many Tracks All That Jazz | VVE 86 (1 y/o)


SSD: 4*M SGCH CUATLILREDBARN Gwen Quinn | VEEE 91 (4 y/o)

- 1st place/1st udder & Reserve National Champion @ 2017 ADGA Nationals | Part of 2017 1st place Get of Sire

SSS: ++B GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable

Screenshot 2022-04-13 160621.jpg

Queen Anne's County Combined ADGA Show - 2nd/19, RCH Jr. Doe

(Judge Karen Smith) 8/12/2022

NJ State Fair Ring 1 - 8th

(Judge Christine Grant) 8/13/2022

NJ State Fair Ring 2 - 7th

(Judge Danielle Carolei) 8/13/2022

Dam's Pedigree/Photos

Dam: Wings & Caprines WillowSprings

2021 LA Score - VEEE 90 (2x RCH, 2x GCH, 2x BIS)

DS: Wings & Caprines IL Seth

297886976_781137909747677_3140481364764201506_n (1).jpg

DD: 2*M SGCH Wings & Caprines CarolinaGirl - 2021 LA Score - EEEE 92

Wings & Caprines CarolinaGirl, 2021 17th Place 5&6 y/o. Willow & Carolina were 17th place Dam & Daughter at the 2021 Nationals. In 2022, Carolina was 7th place 5&6 y/o, part of 4th Place Dairy Herd & part of 2nd Place Best 3 Sr. Does (Carolina in center). Carolina has been 2x RCH, 3x GCH, 6x BOB, 1x BUOB!

277987301_345567250938651_3111630580393479631_n (1).jpg


2021 LA Score - +VV 85 (2 y/o)

SD: 2*M GCH Jasper's Harem JB Coco Puff

2018 LA Score - VEEE 90 (09-09)

1st place 2018 ADGA Nationals | Part of 2018 1st place Dairy Herd

3rd place 2017 ADGA Nationals | 4th place @ 2016 ADGA Nationals

Sire's Pedigree/Photos





2018 LA Score - VEEE 91 (04-04)

2017 Reserve National Champion | 1st place/1st udder

Part of 2017 1st place Get of Sire


1st place Dairy Herd @ 2018 ADGA Nationals

Dust Bunny is second to left, to the left of her is Coco Puff.

1st place Get of Sire @ 2017 ADGA Nationals

Dust Bunny is on the left, Gwen Quinn is on the right


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