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General Sales Policies

Response Time and the Waiting List

How our Waiting Lists Work - Chickens & Ducks ~ Hatching Eggs ONLY

In the past, we have kept a waiting list for hatching eggs, but as we quickly learned, it is a timed process and most do not understand that quick responses are so crucial, and delayed responses will mess up the entire sale, which messes up future scheduling and just continues to cause more damage and chaos. Shipping eggs is a TIMED PROCESS, and for this reason we are changing the way that we do our hatching egg waiting lists. For this reason, we will no longer be keeping a waiting list but will be keeping an "Interest" list instead. 

Anyone interested in hatching eggs can contact me via Instagram, Facebook, Email or via the form provided on this site. Please keep in mind that you are NOT ordering eggs. 😊 We are NOT a hatchery. It simply means that when we have extra eggs (almost always do) that you will have an opportunity to purchase them. Once you have contacted us, you are put on a "interest" list. This is NOT a waiting list, and there is NOT an order to it. When eggs for a particular breed that you are interested in become available, all waiting list participants for that particular breed/variety will be contacted at once, and the first responder will have the opportunity to purchase them. 😊 

All eggs are shipped out on Monday, and if it must be delayed, then Tuesday. We have shipped eggs on Wednesdays in the past without too much trouble, but we are hoping that this new way of doing things will eliminate the need to ship on any day other than Monday. 

Please keep in mind that we are NOT a hatchery. We have very limited availability and our main focus is improving our own stock, and selling/shipping hatching eggs. We do still sell chicks and pullets/cockerels however, we are very small and do not hatch many birds regularly. 

Response Time - Hatching Eggs Only If we think we will have enough eggs to ship for you, you will be contacted anytime between Friday - Sunday morning. We will try to contact you as early as we can. 

All details MUST be working out before Sunday night! This means that payment must be made (We accept PayPal & Venmo), you must give your address, and the day that we ship must be worked out. (We prefer to only ship on Monday or Tuesday but under extreme circumstances can ship on Wednesday as long as the order isn't too far away. We are based in Southern New Jersey. 

If payment is made but the address is not given, we will give you until Monday morning to provide your address. If no address is given, we will refund you. :) 

If an address is given but no payment is made by Sunday night, you will be skipped. Depending on how many weeks are booked, you may be pushed back to the back of the line.

All in all, it is very unfortunate that we have had to put these rules in place. It only takes one late person to mess up the entire system, and that's not fair for the ones that follow the rules and do respond on time. We hope by doing this we can get eggs out to the people who respond on time. 🙂


Shipping eggs is a timed process, meaning that for it to work, we need your cooperation as well. This is very very important in shipping eggs, because we can only ship on Monday, Tuesday and if needed, Wednesday. Unless requested (meaning you asked for more eggs of a breed than we had fresh) we try our very best NOT to ship eggs that are over 5-7 days old. If you don't respond by Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, those eggs we saved will not be viable to ship the next week, and you will be pushed back to the back of the line.


You will not be taken off the waiting list however, it is likely that we will not be able to do your order for a while depending on the amount of names on a particular list. 

Hatching Eggs - We always do our best to package the eggs safely, but sometimes no matter what, eggs don't make it due to package mishandling, bad weather conditions, etc, so we cannot guarantee a hatch rate. Shipping eggs is and always will be a risk, which is why our eggs are priced so low. 🙂 Keep in mind that most chicks we sell for $5-7 each, so paying $15-$21 per dozen and getting 3 chicks is still a great deal for you, and any more is a great bonus! Of course, we do expect more than 3 out of 12 to hatch! 

Refunding/Replacing Eggs - If an egg is broken and yet the box is intact, we will offer to refund that egg (or eggs). We will only send replacement eggs if 50% or more of the eggs sent are broken. For example, if you order 12, and 6 are broken, we will send 12 to you for free. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to ship immediately afterwards. You will still be responsible for the shipping and special handling costs of replacement orders however, the eggs themselves will be free. For this to happen, good pictures are required of the broken egg(s). The more detailed clear pictures the better. 😁 

If the box is very damaged, we do not consider this our fault and we are very willing to file a claim with the post office so you can get your money back. For this to happen, clear pictures are needed of the box, cartons, eggs, etc!!! If you do not provide the necessary materials to file a claim, we will not refund you! If a box is intact but the contents inside are damaged, then we do consider that our fault however, if the box is damaged that is not on us. 

We do not refund orders that do not get special handling!! We strongly advise purchasing special handling and usually will not ship unless it is bought depending on the circumstances. 

Infertile Eggs - Please note that there is a huge difference between eggs that are infertile, and eggs that simply do not develop. If eggs are infertile, a blastoderm will not be present. We will refund infertile eggs under the following requirements: 

A CLEAR picture must be taken of the yolk WITH the eggshell it came from beside it. All eggs are marked with the breed and date, and for the picture to qualify, the breed/date on the eggshell must be clearly visible from the picture. We will not refund or consider eggs infertile unless the following requirements are met. 

If a blastoderm is present, that egg will not be refunded as we have no control over the shipping/your incubator or your incubation method. Keep in mind that eggs in cold spots usually do not develop, or if they do, they take much longer to develop. 

We also do not refund eggs that are candled before Day 12! As mentioned above, eggs in cold spots generally take longer to develop. Older eggs take longer as well, therefore it is best to wait to candle (or at least wait to decide whether you will remove an egg from the incubator) until Day 12. 

We are located in Corbin City, New Jersey. Our zip code is 08270. We expect all of our buyers to pick up chicks or goats at our farm. Depending on the distance, we may be willing to meet halfway.


Please be sure you have a safe and secure way to transport your chicks/goats when you pick them up. A medium or larger sized dog crate works great for goats! If you are purchasing day-old chicks, please be sure the chicks will be warm on your drive home. 

We can mail fertile eggs for hatching anywhere in United States. We expect our buyers to pay postage as well as special handling. We do have a PayPal and a Venmo however, we do not take money/shipping costs until eggs are ready.


 We are NPIP certified meaning our entire flock is tested every six months for Pullorum Typhoid and Avian Influenza. 


 We do not mail chicks or adult birds, as it is not worth it to us to lose a chick due to a mishandled package, incorrect address, or an unexpected temperature drop. 

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