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Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below :


At three weeks old Sanne is showing beautiful length of body, length of rump, levelness across her topline, correct rear leg angulation, strong front end and more, can't wait to watch her mature!

Sanne's dam is Drovers Croft Tiger Lily, a doe I have admired since I saw her in the ring as a Jr. last May. Lily's dam is 4*M Dwarf Lunacy NF Jasmin, and Lily's sire is Valley's-Edge HomeOfTheBrave, whose dam Tiny Angels Fancy Free TF appraised EVEE 91 as a 4 y/o. 

Sanne's sire is Buttin'Heads Dark Mystery, whose dam is Buttin'Heads Farget Me Not and sire is Dill's Hold My Piece, son of 3*M Dill's B&R Femme Fatale who appraised VEEE 90 as a 3 y/o.

We can't think Drovers Croft enough for letting us bring her here! Love the consistency behind these lines! Sanne is adjusting well to her new home and herdmates!

At 10 weeks old, Sanne earned her Dry/Restricted Leg in the first ring at her first show! There were 46 Jr. Does present at this show, 33 of which were dry yearlings! So impressed with how this girl is developing!

Milk Test/DHIA Records

First Lactation: At 247 DIM, Sanne has produced 586lbs of Milk, 35lbs of Butterfat & 29lbs of Protein. Sanne was off to a great start as such young yearling FF having milked 3.4lbs on her first test, and as now earned her star (6*M) in butterfat and protein for this lactation! 

Drovers Croft DM Sanne

Born: 3/1/2022


Offspring: N/A

Horn Status: Disbudded

D: 5*M (pending) Drovers Croft Tiger Lily |VVV+ 86 (01-06)

DD: 4*M Dwarf Lunacy NF Jasmin | VVV+ 86 (04-11)

DDD: 3*M Wooly Dog Down FX Hibiscus

DDS: +B Dash of Sass NF Night Fury | V+V 85 (2 y/o)

DS: Valley's-Edge HomeOfTheBrave | +VV 84 (02-04)

DSD: Tiny Angels Fancy Free TF |EVEE 91 (4 y/o)

DSS: Valley's-Edge FF Guy Fawkes 

Sire: Buttin'Heads Dark Mystery | +V+ 83 (01-03)

SD: Buttin'Heads Farget Me Not

SDD: Buttin'Heads LLARETA

SDS: Zanzabeez TS Beluga Caviar

SS: Dill's SM Hold My Piece

SSD: 3*M Dill's B&R Femme Fatale | VEEE 90 (3 y/o)

SSS: Dill's Rod Stroke Me

Screenshot 2022-04-29 082142.jpg

Dam's Pedigree/Photos

Dam: Drovers Croft Tiger Lily

2021 LA Score - VVV+ 86 (01-06)

DD: 4*M Dwarf Lunacy NF Jasmin

2021 LA Score - VVV+ 86 (04-11)


DS: Valley's-Edge HomeOfTheBrave

2021 LA Score - +VV 84 (02-04)

DSD: Tiny Angels Fancy Free TF

2019 LA Score - EVEE 91

Sire's Pedigree/Photos

Sire: Buttin'Heads Dark Mystery

SDD: Buttin'Heads Llareta


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