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Last Updated: 7/23/2022

Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight (Polled)

(2022 LA - V++G 81)

Mavis was sold in the Summer of 2022 as a home milker. We were pleased with her development but did not feel she was an competitive as her sister, and in an effort to keep number manageable, Mavis moved on to her new home. Her dam, littermate sister, maternal half sister and daughter still reside in our herd. 

Dam to Cedar Shade BM Shot of Love


EOTL B Escada

(2022 LA - GGVG 76)


Escada, better known as 'Squeaks' is one of the main foundation does of our herd. Although Squeaks is not a show doe herself, she is proving herself through her offspring. Currently we have two 'daughters in our herd, Cedar Shade Sugar Maple (V+V+ 83) and Cedar Shade EB Marceline. After coming down with two neurological fits and what appears to be minor arthritis, we've made the decision to retire Squeaks and let her live out her days on our farm, keeping the new babies in check and acting as the 'peacemaker' with the adult doe herd. 

ADGA Genetics Link: Goat Detail: EOTL B ESCADA - D001844461 (PB Doe) (

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