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Bantam Breeds

Last Updated: 3/31/2023

Mille Fleur D'Uccles

The Mille Fleur variety, translated to 'thousand flowers', is known for its striking appearance, with each feather tipped with a 'flower' - a larger black spangle with a white spangle on top. The D'Uccle breed is known for their friendly, curious and endearing personalities, as well as their tendency to go broody and make wonderful mothers! D'Uccles typically weigh 20-26 ounces and lay about 200 - 250 light-tan to cream colored eggs. 

Our D'Uccle line is a mix of show quality and hatchery quality birds, we are slowly developing our show line. Prices vary based on the quality of the individual bird. See page below for pricing, more pictures and breed information! (page in development)


Porcelain D'Uccles

With a temperament very similar to the Mille Fleurs listed above (same breed, different variety), Porcelain D'Uccles also have a very similar pattern to Mille Fleurs, with the only difference being the addition of the lavender gene in the Porcelains. Our Porcelain D'Uccle line is one we are so excited about! At the Sussex County Poultry Fanciers show, our main breeder male was Best Variety, Best of Breed, Jr. Champion Featherleg, Jr. Best Bantam in Show and even made it to Reserve Champion Featherleg in the OPEN show with 91 entries present! Our hen was RV, RB and Reserve Jr. Champion Featherleg. We plan to retain a lot from this pen and use them to improve our Mille Fleurs. Egg availability will be limited, see page for pricing and more information. 

309589097_649320413522475_7379465019193603047_n (1).jpg

Modern Game Bantams: Birchen & Silver Blue

Modern Game Bantams are known for their hardiness, endearing temperament, chick-rearing abilities and graceful yet striking appearance. Although (thankfully) cockfighting has been banned in the USA, the breed is designed to be an homage to gamefowl and share many of the attributes of them. Despite this, all of our males have been calm with humans and mean no ill-will towards other males, hens or even chicks! A farm favorite for sure! We keep two lines of Modern Game bantams, one from master breeder Jeff Dugauy, and another from an unknown origin. Please read the 'more info' page for pricing and additional information!

Screenshot 2023-01-15 124635.jpg


Note: Occasional D'Anver may be hatched 

In 2021 we started our Watermaal line, with our original stock coming from Green Grables Farm in NC. Our original breeders are black, carrying recessive white and mottled. We now have isolated a pure white pen with the occasional split to mottled and are working on a pure mottled pen. Watermaals, like their Belgian 'cousins', the D'Uccles and D'Anvers, have very endearing temperaments, wonderful mothering abilities, are consistent layers of light tan-cream colored eggs and a curious, sweet personality.  As of yet, this breed is the only ABA recognized breed with a trifid - three spikes on the back of the rose comb, as opposed to the usual lone spike or leader. With only a few breeders in the USA, we hope to share this beautiful breed with breeders and owners across the country! See 'more info' for pricing on hatching eggs, live birds and more information!


Blue & Black Sumatras

Although they receive very little attention due to their rarity, Sumatras are one of our favorite breeds on the farm! They have great amazing mothering/chick-rearing abilities, although they tend to be prone to flightiness if not handled well when young. Sumatras roosters are known for their long flowing tails, and birds of the black variety are known for their striking green sheen. Sumatras do tend to be seasonal layers, with fertility and broodiness typically occurring in the late Spring/early Summer in our climate. We typically get 150 light tan-cream colored eggs in a year. Please see 'more info' page for pricing, more pictures and other information. 




Seramas are a fun breed known for their small size, big personalities and extreme type, making them a fun choice for showmanship! They even have their own 'table-top' class at shows. Because no specific color is required for table-top (unlike regular show classes), many different genes and color varieties have been introduced! There are a few different styles of Seramas (See Serama Council of North America webpage for more information), but we are firm believers that health, longevity and fertility comes first, and do not breed for extreme type or extreme small size. Our Seramas are typically in size classes B - D, we aim for class C. We select for type, but not extreme type. 

Blue, Black & Splash Silkies & Naked Neck Silkies

Silkies are a fun breed known for their soft 'silky' feathers, black skin, blue earlobes, feathered feet crest, and are one of the few breeds with five toes on each foot, as opposed to the typical four. Silkies are also known for their personalities and mothering abilities. We raise regular and naked neck silkies in the blue, black and splash variety, and are working on forming a mottled pen.  

Partridge and Gray (Silver Partridge) Silkies

White Crested Black Polish

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