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Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below

ADGA Sanctioned Show History: 

We don't take Squeaks to shows as she was not raised as a show goat. She walks well on our farm, but she does not enjoy the show ring!

Milk Test/DHIA Records

First Lactation: Not on Test

Second Lactation: Not on Test

Third Lactation: Not on Test

Fourth Lactation: At 236 DIM, Escada produced 456lbs of Milk, 23lbs of Butterfat & 18lbs of Protein. Escada is still in ilk and at 312 DIM, she has produced 458lbs of milk, 23lbs of BF and 18lbs of protein. Sadly in late October in 2023, Squeaks came down with a severe neurologica disease. We attempted to dry her up to let her put her energy into her recovery, but being the dairy goat she is, she refused. Thankfully she has made a full recovery and is steadily gaining back her production. 

EOTL B Escada | GGVG 76 (05-05)

Born: 2/27/2017


- EOTL B Vera Wang

- EOTL B Jasmine

- EOTL B Chanel No5

- EOTL B Stevie Nicks

Freshenings: 3

FF - 2 bucklings

2F - 2 bucklings 

3F - 2 doelings

Registered Offspring:

- Cedar Shade Sugar Maple

- Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight

- Cedar Shade EB Marceline

- Cedar Shade EB Aria

Horn Status: Disbudded

D: 1*M End of the Line CocoChanel | VVVV 87 (05-03)

DD: God's Love Farm H Sadie

DS: Irish Whisper YS Puff Daddy | +++ 83 (04-04)

S: *B EOTL Blackjack | +VV 83 (01-03)

SD: 1*M SGCH End Of The Line Brennan | VVVE 89 (05-11)

SS: *B Top Hat Farm Card Shark | VEV 88 (02-06)

Screenshot 2022-02-04 201152.jpg

Dam's Pedigree/Photos

Dam: 1*M End of the Line CocoChanel | VVVV 87 (05-03)

Photo Credit:

DD: God's Love Farm H Sadie

Photo Credit:

Sire's Pedigree/Photos

Sire: *B EOTL Blackjack | +VV 83 (01-03)

Photo Credit:

SD: 1*M SGCH End of the Line Brennan | VVVE 89 (05-11)

Photo Credit:

Dec. 2015 ELITE - 95th Pct

Summer 2016 ELITE - 96th Pct | Dec. 2016 ELITE - 97th Pct

Aug. 2017 ELITE - 97th Pct | Dec. 2017 ELITE - 98th Pct

Buckling #1

Sire: Wings & Caprines Shade of Blue

DOB: 2/1/2022 (Polled)


SS: *B Top Hat Farm Card Shark | VEV 88 (02-06)

Photo Credit:

SSD: 1*M Top Hat Farm D Dealer Beware | VVVV 87 (05-02)

Photo Credit: Top Hat Farm


4th Freshening - 2022 w/ Wings & Caprines Shade of Blue


Cedar Shade EB Aria (Sold)

DOB: 4/29/2022


P8 (Wether) (SOLD)

DOB: 4/29/2022

3rd Freshening - 2021 w/ *B EOTL G Jumpin Jack Flash


2nd Freshening - 2020 w/ *B EOTL G Jumpin Jack Flash


'Oreo' (Wether) (SOLD)

DOB: 2/16/2020


'Snickers' (Wether) (SOLD)

DOB: 2/16/2020

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