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Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below

At our Linear Appraisal session in August of 2022, Mavis appraised V++G 81, with an E in back and rear legs. 

ADGA Sanctioned Show History: 

Garden State Dairy Goat Assn. Ring 1 - 6th out of 6 

(Judge Bob Bartholomew) 5/29/2021

Garden State Dairy Goat Assn. Ring 2 - 6th out of 6

(Judge Dan Laney) 5/29/2021

Summer Sizzler ADGA Show - Ring 1 - 11th/ out of 16

(Judge Martha Griner) 7/17/2021

Milk Test/DHIA Records

First Lactation: Mavis is still currently on Milk Test. So far, at 97 DIM, she has produced 133lbs of Milk, 5lbs of Butterfat & 5lbs of Protein. 

Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight | V++G 81 (01-05)

Born: 2/18/2022

Littermates: Cedar Shade Sugar Maple

Freshenings: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Horn Status: Polled

D: EOTL B Escada

DD: 1*M End of the Line CocoChanel | VVVV 87 (05-03) 

DS: *B EOTL Blackjack | +VV 83 (01-03)

S: *B EOTL G Jumpin Jack Flash

SD: 1*M EOTL Diamonds Are Forever | VEEE 90 (04-03)

SS: *B One Fine Acre Gallant

Screenshot 2022-05-03 132144.jpg

Dam's Pedigree/Photos


Dam: EOTL B Escada

DD: 1*M End of the Line CocoChanel | VVVV 87 (05-03)

Photo Credit:


DS *B EOTL Blackjack

Photo Credit:


DSD: 1*M SGCH End of the Line Brennan | VVVE 89 (05-11)

Photo Credit:

Dec. 2015 ELITE - 95th Pct

Summer 2016 ELITE - 96th Pct | Dec. 2016 ELITE - 97th Pct

Aug. 2017 ELITE - 97th Pct | Dec. 2017 ELITE - 98th Pct

Sire's Pedigree/Photos

Sire: *B EOTL Jumpin Jack Flash

Photo Credit:

Sire's Dam: 1*M EOTL Diamonds Are Forever

Photo Credit to: 


SS: *B One Fine Acre Gallant

Photo Credit: 



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