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Birchen Modern Game Bantams

Last Updated: 3/23/23

We added Modern Game Bantams to our farm in 2020 and couldn't be happier with this breed! Their temperaments are very sweet and the hens make great mothers. To date I have never had a mean cock or cockerel. In 2021, we added a trio of Modern Game bantams from Master Breeder & Exhibitor Jeff Duguay to our breeding program (Pen 2) and look forward to hatching their offspring in the Spring of 2022. Eggs from both pens will be occasionally available.​


                                                   Pen 1            Pen 2

Day-Old Chicks - Unsexed  -       $7.00/ea       $10/ea

1 Fertile Hatching Egg -               $1.67/ea        $2.50/ea

6 Fertile Hatching Eggs -             $10.00            $15.00

(The prices below vary based on the quality of the bird)

4 Week Old Pullet -                       $15.00           $20.00

4 Week Old Cockerel -                  $9.00             $12.00

8 Week Old Pullet -                       $20.00           $30.00

8 Week Old Cockerel -                  $12.00           $15.00

(We only ship 1-24 Hatching eggs of any breed or combination of breeds at a time. The amount of eggs that can be purchased from each breed will vary depending on breed, number of laying hens and availability)

Our Birchen Modern Game Bantam Flock

We currently have two pens of Modern Game Bantams. Although we cannot guarantee which hen laid what egg, we can guarantee which pen the egg came out of. Prices for eggs from each pen will be set once we hatch more offspring from each pen. As always, prices for individual birds depends on the quality of that individual bird, not the pen it came from.

Pen #1


The first pen consists of one pair bought from a friend who purchased them at a horse auction. We have not been able to track down their original breeder. They came healthy, in great condition, and like all of our birds, passed their NPIP testing of Avian Influenza and Pullorum Typhoid. Although we haven't hatched too many, so far we have been pleased with their offspring

Screenshot 2021-09-27 075431.jpg

Although we are still observing and hatching to get a "good feel" for what traits the offspring from this pen tend to have, so far we have found a lot of nice pinched tails, decent wing set and have not seen any shafting yet. Unfortunately all the offspring so far have been dark capped, which is why we will be crossing one of their daughters (above, left) to the male in Pen #2.

Pen #2


All three birds on the left (pictured in their quarantine crate) were purchased from Jeff & Jessica Duguay (ABA Master Breeders of Birchen Modern Game Bantams) in 2021. They haven't started laying yet (too cold) but we look forward to hatching eggs in 2022! The pen consists of a Birchen MGB Male, Birchen MGB Female and Silver Blue MGB Female.

(Silver Blue X Birchen gives 50% Birchens and 50% Silver Blues)

The Silver Blue variety is made with Blue on a Birchen base (aka Birchen extension of black). Blue is a dilution gene that only affects the black areas of a bird. Blue is an incomplete dominant gene, meaning one copy of blue makes blue, and in homozygous form (two copies of blue) make splash. We don't anticipate hatching any Splash MGBs as we don't think it looks very good on a Birchen base. 😉

More information on Incomplete Dominance can be found here:

Incomplete Dominance & Co-Dominance | Basic Chicken Genetics Pt. 2 | Genetics of BBS & Dun/Khaki - YouTube

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