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Traditional Seramas

Day-Old Chicks - Unsexed  -       $5.00 each

1 Fertile Hatching Egg -               $1.25

12 Fertile Hatching Eggs -            $15.00

24 Fertile Hatching Eggs -            $30.00

(The prices below may vary slightly based on the quality of the bird)

4 Week Old Pullet -                       $8.00

4 Week Old Cockerel -                  $5.00

8 Week Old Pullet -                       $12.00

8 Week Old Cockerel -                  $7.00

(We only ship 1-24 Hatching eggs of any breed or combination of breeds at a time. The amount of eggs that can be purchased from each breed will vary depending on breed, number of laying hens and availability)

What are "Traditional" Seramas?

According to the Serama Council of North America, a Traditional Serama should have the same type/body style as an American Serama, but comes in unrecognized colors. American Seramas can be shown at both tabletop and ABA shows. Currently, American Seramas come in black, white, and exchequer. 


 Traditional Seramas can only be shown Tabletop, or entered in cage shows as AOV (All Other Variety).

We chose Traditional Seramas over Malaysian/Ayam style Seramas, as we do not believe in extremism.

More info from the SCNA can be found here.


Seramas don't make good egg layers, but we have found our Seramas to be very dedicated sitters! Although we haven't let our hens raise chicks yet, we will be putting that to the test soon. 😁

Although they aren't good layers, they certainly make up for it with their cocky, bold personalities!

We have found our Seramas to range from weight classes C to D.

Currently we only have Seramas with "normal" feathers. 😊 We do NOT have or plan to get into frizzled or silkied Seramas.

Our Traditional Serama Flock

Screenshot 2021-06-10 004751.jpg

Although our original two breeders (Far left & Far Right) are pet quality, we have made improvements and hope to continue to improve/expand our flock. The hen in the middle (From Dreams Do Come True Farm) is one we are very excited about. 

Our Traditional Serama Offspring/Customer Photos...

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