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Naked Necks


Day-Old Chicks - Unsexed  - Na/Na -    $6.00

Day-Old Chicks - Unsexed -  Na/na+ -   $5.50

Day-Old Chicks - Unsexed -  na+/na+ -  $4.50 

8 Week Old Pullet - Na/Na -                     $11.00

8 Week Old Pullet - Na/na+ -                    $10.50

8 Week Old Pullet - na+/na+ -                   $10.00

8 Week Old Cockerel - Na/Na -                $7.50

8 Week Old Cockerel - Na/na+ -               $7.00

8 Week Old Cockerel - na+/na+ -              $5.00 

6 Fertile Hatching Eggs -                           $7.50

All pictures shown are of the parent birds to the offspring that are sold at our farm. The chicks from these birds may or may not have the same coloring as the chickens in the pictures above.

Please make sure you are prepared with a carrying device to pick up your chicks, and a brooder box ready at home for your precious chicks!


 (See our Chick Care Guide for pictures and more information regarding brooder boxes and general chick care!)

If you would like to reserve some chicks, please fill out our contact form! We will email you when the chicks are ready for pick-up! Check out our Facebook Page (@cedarshadefarmnj) to keep up-to-date with our latest hatching news! 

History/Breed Information 

Coming soon!

Na/Na - The Genotype for any bird that has a homozygous dominant naked neck, meaning it has a full naked neck and no bib (sometimes referred to as bowtie). 

Na/na+ - The genotype for any bird that has a heterozygous naked neck, meaning it has a naked neck and a bib.


na+/na+ - The genotype for any bird with a regular neck. In other words, chickens with this genotype do not have a naked neck. 

Video to explain everything: :) Naked Neck Chickens: Genetics, Causes, Breeding & More - YouTube

Our Naked Neck Breeders

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