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Full pedigree to the right, pictures of close relatives & progeny below: (Keep in mind many goats in this pedigree are AGS registered and have AGS milk awards (*S or *D) instead of ADGA's (*B or *M) 

"Dart" is a lovely developing buckling with not only incredible consistency behind him, but amazing longevity with a good handful of his older relatives still residing in the Casa Ram herd, including his Sire's Dam, Doubletree HoneyNut Cheerio who freshened with a beautiful well attached, high and wide mammary system (pictured) even up until her 7th freshening! We hope this boy will reinforce level toplines and correctness of feet and legs in our does, and bring level rumps, high, wide and well attached mammary systems into our herd!

While trying to pick out a pairing last Fall knowing I would need another herdsire within the next couple years, when Tyler at Casa Ram sent me a photo of Dart's dam, Casa Ram Cocoa Pebbles' FF udder (pictured), I knew this was a buckling I needed in my herd! Better yet, the consistency goes back very far. Pictured is Cocoa's dam - DanLee Henna who shares the same high and wide mammary system, correct teat placement and incredibly strong attachments.

There is so much consistency and longevity in his sire line as well. Not only did Dart's sire, Casa Ram MR Pokeylope earned his championship, but his SS, and SSS and SSSS did as well! So thrilled for the opportunity to introduce these lines into my herd!

Also pictured is Dart's full sibling from 2021 - Casa Ram PL Coco, pictured earning her restricted leg at her first show of the year. Also pictured is Dart's maternal half brother - Casa Ram SK Sir Lucan, 4x Jr. Champion, 3x Jr. Reserve Champion. Again, LOADS of consistency with this line!


Casa Ram PL D'Artagnan

Born: 2/21/2022


Alpha s1 Casein: A/B

DNA: Individual Typing

Offspring: N/A

Horn Status: Disbudded

D: Casa Ram Cocoa Pebbles

DD: DanLee Henna

DDD: The ABFM Tanya

DDS: (AGS) DoubleTree Kenny Chesney


DS: 3MBJ Goats Roc Courage

DSD: Wood Bridge Farm Grace

DSS: Wood Bridge Farm Rocky Road

Sire: CH Casa Ram MR Pokeylope

SD: (AGS) DoubleTree HoneyNut Cheerio

SDD: (AGS) DoubleTree A HalfCaff Cuppa

SDS: (AGS) DoubleTree Absolute True-Blue

SS: CH Helderberg KM Fire Storm Brut

SSD: CH Helderberg FB Peach Champagne

SSS: CH Helderberg TB King Midas

Screenshot 2022-05-09 073330.jpg

Dam's Pedigree/Photos

Dam: Casa Ram Cocoa Pebbles

(Udder Photo is from her FF!)


DD: DanLee Henna

Sire's Pedigree/Photos

Sire: CH Casa Ram MR Pokeylope                (3x GCH, 1x RGCH, 1x BOB, 1x BIS)

SD: Doubletree Honeynut Cheerio

(Udder photo is from 6th or 7th freshening!)


Half & Full Siblings

Full Sibling - Casa Ram PL Coco

1x GCH (restricted leg)

Half Sibling (Maternal) - Casa Ram SK Sir Lucan

4x Jr. Champion, 3x Jr. Reserve Champion



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