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Dam/Family Lines

5*M Rarebird Farm Diamond, Rarebird Farm Bonnie Bluebell, Rarebird Farm Crazy Clyde

240802904_370143931474495_1981421868896213804_n (1).jpg

"Diamond" came to us in December of 2019 from a dear friend of ours - Robin Akeret of Rarebird Farm. If I had to pick one doe to give credit to for our "real" start in showing goats, that would have to be given to Diamond. Although Diamond herself usually places in the lower end of her classes, she is proving herself through her offspring. She was purchased already bred to Top Hat Farm LX Purple Rain, and gifted us with a lovely doe kid (Rarebird Farm Bonnie Bluebell) and buck kid (Rarebird Farm Crazy Clyde). Both of her kids are following in her footsteps with lovely Dairy Strength, length, a beautiful brisket extension with a long dairy neck.

249751716_410374337451454_4679976920228169526_n (1).jpg

Diamond's 2021 doe kid with Top Hat Farm LX Purple Rain, Rarebird Farm Bonnie Bluebell, has been quite the show stopper, winning her Jr. leg in July, 2021 at the Summer Sizzler ADGA Show!

210663566_10159495346496894_1135553937887403804_n (1).jpg

Diamond's 2021 buck kid with Top Hat Farm LX Purple Rain - Rarebird Farm Crazy Clyde! Both of Diamond's kids share her long dairy style and walk with confidence and grace in the show ring!

Both Diamond and "Bonnie" have been bred to Wings & Caprines GunMetal Grey for 2022 Winter/Spring kids. We are excited to compare offspring from both does, and hope by introducing "Gunner's" (Wings & Caprines Summerfield (LA - VVEE 88 FF Score) X *B CUatLilRedBarn Sir Charms) genetics we will see some much needed improvement in the mammary system (stronger attachments, greater capacity)!

EOTL B Escada, Cedar Shade Sugar Maple, Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight

IMG_7905 (2).JPG

EOTL B Escada, better known as "Squeaks" is one of the goofiest does on our farm for more reasons than her personality! Despite being the smallest goat in our herd, she is most certainly the boldest and makes a wonderful mother! Escada was purchased in milk as a 2-year-old in 2019. She was originally purchased as a home milker/4-H Show Goat, but after her first few shows it was clear that she did not like the show ring at all!

In 2020 Squeaks was bred to EOTL G Jumpin Jack Flash. We loved the results of this pairing, except for the fact that both kids were bucks! We repeated the pairing in 2021 and were gifted with two lovely doe kids - Cedar Shade Sugar Maple and Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight. 


Although we haven't decided on a breeding date, both Cedar Shade Sugar Maple (left) and Cedar Shade MavisJustAintRight (right) will both be bred to Wings & Caprines Shade of Blue (DNA'd) for kids between the Spring - Fall of 2022. Both kids take heavily after their sire, Jack, and we hope they take after their paternal granddam - 1*M EOTL Diamonds are Forever (LA - VEEE 90 2019 3F) in mammary as well!

EOTL B Shady Grace


EOTL B Shady Grace, or "Gracie" is a doe I am very excited about! Sadly in 2020 she miscarried 52 days early, but despite that came into milk anyway! In 2021 she was bred again to Dreahook Dei Gruyere and gave us a single buck kid. Unfortunately it has been hard to truly evaluate this doe's mammary system due to her miscarriage and only giving us a single kid in 2021. She was bred to Wings & Caprines Shade of Blue and we are hopeful for a large number of kids (doe kids 😜) in 2022!

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