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Blue/Black/Splash Silkies & Showgirls

Additional Information 

0-1 Week Old Silkie Chick - Unsexed  -       $7.00 

0-1 Week Old Showgirl Chick - Unsexed -  $10.00 

(Price goes up $0.75 per week)

10 Week Old Silkie Cockerel -                      $18.00

14 Week Old Silkie Pullet -                           $25.00

10 Week Old Showgirl Cockerel -               $20.00

14 Week Old Showgirl Pullet -                    $30.00

(These prices may vary based on the quality of the bird)

1 Fertile Hatching Egg -                                 $1.75

12 Fertile Hatching Eggs -                             $21.00

(We only ship 1-24 Hatching eggs of any breed or combination of breeds at a time. The amount of eggs that can be purchased from each breed will vary depending on breed, number of laying hens and availability)

Currently both of our Breeders in this pen have Heterozygous Naked Necks. Chicks may have the following neck types:

25% will be Silkies with normal neck feathers. Their genotype is na+/na+ and they are homozygous for a regular neck.

50% will be "Showgirls" with bibs. Their genotype is Na/na+ and they are heterozygous for a Naked Neck.

25% will be "Strippers" with a complete Naked Neck. Their genotype is Na/Na and they are homozygous for a Naked Neck.

History/Breed Information

Coming Soon!!

Our Buff Showgirl Flock

All our Silkies have beards & blue earlobes according to Breed Standard.


Buff Silkie Hen, purchased from Jersey Silkie


Buff Showgirl Rooster, purchased from Jersey Silkie

Our Buff Silkie/Showgirl/Stripper Offspring/Customer Photos...

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