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Blue/Black/Splash Silkies & Showgirls

0-1 Week Old Silkie Chick - Unsexed  -       $7.00 

0-1 Week Old Showgirl Chick - Unsexed -  $10.00 

(Price goes up $0.75 per week)

10 Week Old Silkie Cockerel -                      $18.00

14 Week Old Silkie Pullet -                           $25.00

10 Week Old Showgirl Cockerel -               $20.00

14 Week Old Showgirl Pullet -                    $30.00

(These prices may vary based on the quality of the bird)

1 Fertile Hatching Egg -                                 $1.75

12 Fertile Hatching Eggs -                             $21.00

(We only ship 1-24 Hatching eggs of any breed or combination of breeds at a time. The amount of eggs that can be purchased from each breed will vary depending on breed, number of laying hens and availability)

Additional Information 

Currently we only have two hens in this pen. Depending which hen an egg belongs to, here are the chances for each color:

From the Blue Showgirl Hen:

25% Black, 50% Blue, 25% Splash

From the Black Showgirl Hen:

50% Blue, 50% Black

All Chicks have a 50% chance to have a Naked Neck. All chicks that have a Naked Neck are heterozygous for a Naked Neck (Na/na+)


Currently we are experiencing issues with pigment holes and extra toes in some chicks. This DOES NOT affect their quality of life, however, chicks with pigment holes/extra toes/too few toes would not make the best breeders. 

For this reason, the number of toes is not guaranteed. We have been very impressed with the quality of the ones we have kept that do not have these issues. 

Occasionally we hatch chicks that have these defects, and they will be sold to pet homes at a discounted price. If you plan to breed, please let us know!!

Thank you for understanding. We are working to replace the problem and hope we will have those defects out of this pen by the Spring & Summer of 2022. 

Our BBS Silkie/Showgirl Flock

All our Silkies have beards & blue earlobes according to Breed Standard.


Blue Silkie Rooster, purchased from Triple Creek Silkies


Black Showgirl Hen, purchased from Jersey Silkie


Blue Showgirl Hen, purchased from Jersey Silkie


Our newest addition - Black Showgirl Hen. Retained from the breeders above. She is 10 weeks old in this picture and is looking very promising! She still has lots of filling out to do! We hope she will continue to fill out in the crest and tail region. We hope she will start laying in the Spring of 2022. We are very excited about this girl! 😁

Please keep in mind that beards usually take a while to fill out on the Showgirls. Don't worry, it will fill out with time. 😉

Our BBS Silkie/Showgirl Offspring/Customer Photos...

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